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Hello to all types of people who are reading this.

I’m Elyssa and welcome to The 9 to 5 page!

So what is The 9 to 5 exactly?

The thing is; life can be tedious. For the most part, you follow the same routine everyday (with the exception of those few small plot twists that take you by surprise every now and then). But you do the same thing everyday. You follow the same pattern. You wake up, brush your teeth, get dressed. Go to work / school. Come home. Eat. Watch some television. Repeat.

And though sometimes, we feel as if we’re forever fixed into that position, we’re actually not. We’re capable of change. (Now, in some cases, maybe not the big major life changes. For instance, if you’re a student, please continue to go to school. I’m not trying to suggest that you drop out so you can make time for things you’re more passionate about). But I’m talking about;

The small changes. The underestimated differences. The 1%.

We spend most of our lives waiting for the weekend, or for the summer to do the things we really want to do. Okay, sure, maybe we can’t all go traveling to Rome or something on an everyday Tuesday, but I hope this blog will inspire you to jazz up your average day a bit with small, seemingly-insignificant things (like trying shoes adorned with bold, colorful pom-poms for a day, or eating out of a cute-patterned bowl instead of your ordinary one, etc).

So what kind of content will this blog offer?

Whether it be a new breakfast recipe made especially for Sunday mornings, or some new fashion item that can spice up your boring 9-to-5 wardrobe, I hope these small, sparkly changes, make your day a little more than just the typical 9-to-5. 

Here’s to enjoying the 24/7.



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