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So it’s officially autumn! (Well, actually it’s been officially autumn since September 22.) But anyway, autumn is one of my most favorite times of the year because well, everything! The crisp of the leaves, cold mornings, the coziness, the sudden flood of inspiration,  big scarves, the coming of the holiday season, oversized mustard-yellow sweaters… And let’s not forget the one thing that never fails to land in my list of season favorites: food!

Here are some of my favorite fall-time snacks that just put me in a good mood while carrying out my everyday chores and work.

  1. Crispy Granny Smith apples dipped in caramel
  2. Pumpkin bread with a glass of warm milk
  3. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
  4. Pumpkin pie
  5. Warm tea (any flavors of your liking)
  6. Hot cocoa with bits of peppermint sprinkled in
  7. Sparkling apple cider
  8. Candy corns
  9. Seasonal Peeps: Halloween Pumpkin Marshmallows

Here are also some recommended favorites from local people:

“My favorite fall-time food is mashed potatoes!” – Susan Le

“My favorite fall-time snack is pumpkin seeds, salted and baked. Oh, and pumpkin bagels for sure!” – Phoebe Minch

“I personally love eating a warm bowl of tomato soup with a side of crunchy garlic bread.” – Ashley Phan


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