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The Happy Jar

imageHi lovelies!

There are many days we go through that seem like more rain rather than rainbows. And a lot of times, we tend to exaggerate by throwing around the dramatic phrase ‘I hate my life’ carelessly. (And I admit, I am guilty of this every now and then.) But in most cases, that is untrue. There are a lot of things to be happy about in life that we tend to overlook on bad days especially, because we’re too focused on whatever that went wrong. To help me remind myself of all the positive things in life after a bad day, I like to keep a Happy Jar on my work desk and another in my room.

So what is a Happy Jar? A Happy Jar is just what it sounds like. A jar filled with messages and notes that make me happy! Here’s how to make your own Happy Jar!

What you’ll need:

  • a jar
  • some paper / sticky notes
  • pens
  • any decoration items you want to add (stickers, ribbons, etc.)
  1. Cut your paper into slips (big enough for you to write on).
  2. Start writing anything that makes you happy on each slip! (e.g. Clean sheets, warm cookies that are crispy on the outside, but perfectly soft when you bite into it…)
  3. You can even add inspirational quotes or song lyrics that you like! Anything!
  4. Another fun idea is have your friends write an encouraging message to you and drop it in the jar! Don’t read it until you’re going through a rough day!
  5. Fill the stickies into your jar!
  6. Feel free to decorate it however you like.

+Put these lil’ notes on fun, colored paper to enhance the happiness!!

And voila! You’re finished! Really quick, really simple, and quite effective when you’re feeling down.

I hope this jar helps you keep your head up on tough days!

And try to remember to pick your words more carefully. You don’t hate your life. Maybe just the day. Or perhaps the hour. Maybe… you just dislike it.

Whatever it is, don’t make a permanent decision to a temporary problem.

Stay happy friends! (Especially since the holiday season is coming!!! I’m so excited!!! Eeeek!)


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