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Hot Cocoa Special


Hey little presents! (You guys are the presents because the holiday season and because you’re PRESENT. Hahaha get it?)

Anyway, I am so excited and very much happy because it’s December, meaning lots of holiday vibes! Coming with those holiday vibes is the chilly weather and to stay warm, I like to drink some hot cocoa!

Here’s how to make one of my all-time favorite hot chocolate!

1. Pour the Swiss hot cocoa mix into a cup.

2. Wait for water to boil to pour into cup or feel free to add regular water first and microwave for one minute.

3. Once the regular cocoa is all set, add a whoosh of whipped cream on top.

4. Crush a candy cane and sprinkle the crumbles onto the whipped cream or in the drink. (When added in the cocoa, the peppermint melts, adding a lovely flavor.)

5. Add some chocolate sprinkles (as much as you like! But I prefer to go a little crazy with my toppings hehe!)

I hope you enjoy this simple but delicious recipe! Happy holidays!

Elyssa x


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