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Doodle Book

img_6799Hello to my teacher and the couple of you who actually read my blog!

I know I’m 16 days late but HAPPY NEW YEAR! How is your 2017 starting off? I hope your new year is starting off fabulously rad! I got to say, mine is starting off rather sparkly (not literally) so far and I’m feeling good. (Except for the fact that finals week is coming in 2 WEEKS! :O I’m a little bummed by that but… it’s ought to come somewhen, right?)

Anyway, one thing that definitely helps me maintain a generally good mood this year so far is keeping (and constantly updating) my doodle book! I’ve actually been doing this since last March already, but I decided to share this fun lil activity with you now, what with the new year here and people always having that one “be happier” bullet on the top of their new years resolution lists.

Keeping a doodle book by my side has definitely made me happier and allows me to get creative and have fun, while sorting through all kinds of emotions (especially during this time of life, if you know what I mean? Haha.)! I don’t look at those bumps in the road as something completely negative or bad as much anymore. Because suddenly, thanks to this troublesome thrown my way, I have this new artwork I can add into my book. Whatever conflict you’re having can be turned into something more positive. Into art. And no one can possibly hate art, right?!

Whenever I’m feeling down or frustrated or just any kind of feeling really, I just whip out my doodle book and draw/paint/scribble it all out. Sometimes it’s a nice little picture, while other times it can be a messy, wild tornado of various colors. Whatever it is, it is definitely a really calming activity and… here’s an idea: make a little time out of each night and add a little piece describing your day – for every day of the year! By the end of the year, you’ve got yourself a nice little reflection book that you can flip through to see how your year went by. How cool would that be?

I hope this doodle book gives you some ideas! Bets wishes to you for the rest of the year!

Elyssa x


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