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Indoors Glamping Experience

screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-9-59-31-pmGood evening friends, ✨

This weekend’s been filled with rain where I live so we couldn’t go outdoors a lot. And even when we do, let’s just say we come back with soaked pants sticking onto our skin. Not that great a feeling. Anyway, I had my cousins over this weekend though, and we managed to have a fantastic  day nonetheless… going Indoors Glamping! (Get it – like camping, but glamorous??)

I’ve actually seen this activity online, like Pinterest and YouTube and stuff, quite a few times and have been meaning to try it out. I finally got the chance to do so this weekend! From our trial, I’ve learned that it was a little more difficult than it looked due to not having a ceiling hook, haha! 😬

The whole setting up took us around 2 hours or more since we had to try several different methods to keep it from collapsing. (Collapse / failure count: 4!!)  We tried various methods that involved waaayyy too much twine and disappointment and that are waaaayy too complicated to even try to explain. Sigh.

But hey, if you’re willing to puncture a small hole in your ceiling, this should come along much smoother.

Despite the few bumps along the road, this was totally fabulous and I definitely recommend this for those lazy Sundays. 😉 We ended up with a stable “tent” (for a few hours only haha!) and decorated it with lights, streamers and loads of fluffy pillows and stuffed animals. Then, we spent our day reading, playing games such as puzzles and Cadoo, and simply enjoying each other’s company.

I’d give this experience rating an honest: ★★★ (simply because those two hours really wasted our time, haha!)

I truly do recommend it nonetheless! To make your own “tent,” grab some bed sheets (patterned or colorful preferred for an enhanced magical time!) and work with the situation going on in your room. (I honestly don’t know how I can tell you the exact steps to making this since even I tried different methods.) But the end result should be the sheets hanging above you in a tent-like, teepee-like kinda shape. Decorate however to your loving. You can basically do anything in it; puzzles, read, coloring books, eat, boardgames, movies on your tablet… [✬✬ Challenge!: Try staying offline to enhance the “camping” feel. Take a break from your social medias. It can wait. Plus, this is a great time to get back to those old-fashioned activities!] If you’re those not-easily-convinced people, you’re probably wondering, why waste the time and hassle to build a bed-sheet tent when we can just do all this WITHOUT a tent??

You got a point there.

But like my dad always says, “it’s the feeling” that makes the difference. So if you’ve got absolutely nothing to do that weekend, you can suddenly change that boring “wasted day”to “fun fun fun” in your planner! Hehe.

I’ve changed your mind now, haven’t I? 😉

Anyways, I wish you an extraordinary rest-of-the-night and hopefully maybe, this helped clear one of your “no-plans” days?

Elyssa ✨




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