I’m Elyssa, your average 9th grader who had to make a blog for her English teacher’s class, but then found it really fun. If you badly want to know more about me, here are a few random bullets:

  • I absolutely love sparkly things!
  • I absolutely love all potatoes (from baked, to French-fried, to mashed, to caked)
  • I love love love (no amount of ‘love’s’ can express my actual love for…) the holiday season!!! I’m going to add a bunch of exclamation marks here to express my excitement about the HOLIDAY SEASON because I am now thinking of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love my family a whole lot of very much.
  • I vey much adore notebooks. I have around 30 of never-before-used notebooks lying around my house and am NOT getting rid of a single one.

P.s. anybody wanna send me a notebook or to-go potatoes (any condition you prefer to send) as a present for the holiday season? That’d be very cool of you.