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Happy National Siblings Day

Hey lovelies!

Guess what? Today happens to be #nationalsiblingsday!

I have a sister who is younger than me by 18 months only so we get along very swell! We spend a lot of time together for siblings and many adults and friends are surprised at how close we are and how well we get along. (Although, we do have our occasional fights of why-didn’t-you-clean-your-side-of-the-room?! every now and then.) I love my sister as she’s always there to support me in everything that I do (and I mean EVERYTHING) and never minds helping me color a Spanish assignment when I’m drowning under 4 assignments that night. 😉 This goes out to you, Buddy!

Despite our great relationship, I am guilty of taking my sister for granted countless of times and overlooking the blessing I got of having a sibling. So on this special occasion, make sure to make some time out of your day and show your siblings some extra love! Here are some quick, but sweet ways to tell your sibling you care – despite that fight about who gets the last cookie you guys had this morning!

♡ Write a nice message about why you love them on a sticky note and surprise them by putting it somewhere they look frequently (the fridge, bedroom dresser, mirror, etc.)

♡ Verbally tell them a random compliment. (Trust me, they’ll give you that bizarred are-you-feelin’-okay face at first, but they love it deep inside!)

♡ Give them a random hug. Or hugs! Both are absolutely perfect!

♡ Pour them a glass of juice.

♡ Tell them a reealllyyy good joke.

♡ Buy them a pack of candy on your run to the store.

♡ There are countless of small random acts of kindness you can make that will seem small to you but can make someone’s day at the meantime. And this goes out to everybody – not just siblings!

Anyway, now that I’ve given you a list of how to show your appreciation towards your siblings, I’ll throw in a lil’ bonus for you too! 😉 While you’re lucky enough to have these people stuck with you, might as well take advantage of it, am I right?

Here’s a list of all the awesome advantageous activities you can do exclusively with your siblings (that don’t work quite as well if you’re an only child – sorry!):

  1. Form a band! (It’s totally not uncool. Have you seen The Jackson 5, R5, and The Atomics?)
  2. Which leads us to… Make a music video
  3. Build an obstacle course
  4. Have a super dramatic photoshoot
  5. Have a super fun photoshoot
  6. Form a sports team (this would be totally awesome if you have like 7 siblings!!)
  7. And hey! Hide and seek is all the more better!
  8. Team games such as Capture the Flag and Relay Races are a MUST!
  9. Recreate old photos (this one’s my personal all-time fave!)

And if you’re an only child – don’t feel too blue. Hey there are some perks on your side too! 😀 You can still do some of these activities with your friends (who could count as your siblings).

Though siblings can be pain-in-the-butts at times, we’re family. Our roots stick together. Let’s appreciate each other more often.

Elyssa ✨

P.s. Yes, you are now officially reading from a bicycling-blogger. Woot woot!