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Waiting and Waiting…

Hey cupcakes!

So about two weeks ago, in my most recent blog post, you might’ve remembered me mentioning a little something about the 3 most important P’s when it comes to your creative life; the Personal Passion Projects. But with a constant on-the-go life we all have, it’s hard to make time out of school and/or work and house chores to do stuff you actually reallllyyyy like.

Basically all my life up until 8th grade, I never realized how much you can get done during the week . I had always spent my weeks waiting for Friday, for the weekend, for a break, for some kind of “perfect” time to do my hobbies and carry out projects. However, in reality, when the time does come, there is no extraordinary magic that suddenly makes you do what you’ve wanted to do. That power is all in your hands. I end up carrying out the same boring old routine I do just about any other day. (Yes, I’m aware time isn’t the only problem as self-motivation is a big factor as well. Note: motivation lasts a good five seconds only, so when you think of it, you should just will yourself to stand up and go do it.)

Around last year or so, I stumbled upon some poems and inspiring words that kind of opened up my eyes. (I have included the few that I could find below!) Additionally, I began realizing how much time I was just going to continue to lose as years go by. Waiting for the “perfect” time wasn’t gonna help when my hourglass was getting bigger and bigger, and time was falling through more and more, faster and faster. My parents are always saying how being a student is the best time in life as you have so much possibility ahead of you and of course – time. “You’re only obligated to study and eat. And that food, you don’t even have to make,” my dad would say. I used to roll my eyes and think it was just one of those parents-reminiscing-about-their-childhood things, and never really took the advice to heart. Then one day, I just kind of opened my ears a bit and realized, Things don’t get easier so I had to appreciate and make good use of the time I had now.


With that, I realized how you can be very productive – even if it’s just a little bit – if you just knew how to manage your time and priorities better. So here are some limited but fun bits I’ve picked up along the early but ongoing journey and wanted to offer. Maybe you knew these already, and will just roll you eyes as you go along this. Maybe this is something you’ve just realized too. Whatever place you’re at, I hope you pick up at least one new thing. After all, no matter how good or bad, no string of words are the exact same.

  1. “A little project a day keeps the blues away.” Planning is everything. Don’t you dare argue with me (well, you can if you want because I do want to see your perspective), but seriously – keeping to-do lists and bullets are SO MUCH more helpful than keeping it all up in your head. I have a massive weekly planner that I plan my week in. And now, what I’ve recently been doing, is not just planning out my boring old schedule of what times to do homework, but adding ONE project to focus on each week. One week it can be a painting, another a shirt. T8e1b3cc7e22ce85293d798f1ff965362
  2. Avoid yourself from time-eaters!!! I have a major problem with this one because, hey I’m a teenager who lives in a culture that lives off of social media and I’m too weak to not follow the crowd. But I’m working on it. Time-eaters include social media, gaming apps, your phone basically. So many times, I find myself unconsciously opening up an app that I don’t even have to check on. I just do because I’m so used to it. And trust me, it takes a lot of time out of your day. Countless of times, after doing homework, I find myself taking a “5 minute” break that eventually turns into 45 MINUTES to AN HOUR! I’m not exaggerating! It’s a serious problem. I have absolutely NOTHING to do on there, but my fingers just instinctively continue scrolling and scrolling. If you can successfully, get away from these monsters, you’ll find yourself having more time in your hands than you can imagine.
  3. Make a priority booklet / list! I’ll go waaay more into detail with this another post, but these are so helpful! I’ve just recently made a “Priority Booklet” where I write all the things I must get done before drifting off to Possibility land. (Yes, be a dreamer, but be realistic. I don’t want to see dishes rotting in the sink because you’re so lost in your project. If only we had little housekeeping fairies, huh?) Anyway, I have a list of things I should check off for maintaining Mental Health, Social Health, Environmental Health, and more that helps me keep in tune with myself, and thus, actually boosting my performance on projects.

    From one of my favorite poets, Erin Hanson

So, now with all these little notes I’ve picked up so far, I will continue to motivate myself to act upon these as well. On a final note, in regards to the PPP’s, I will be writing more directly about that on another upcoming blog post. If you would like to help boost inspiration for projects, feel free to click back a post. 😉