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Mood Boards

Hey lovelies!

How are you all doing today? I hope great, but if not, don’t you worry. We all have those days. 🙂

I used to be the type of person who waits for the weekend to finally be able to carry out the projects I’ve been wanting to do because school was always in the way. For most my life, I was stuck in this mindset that just because I had school for 6 hours every day meant my whole day was taken away. Meaning my whole schedule can be nothing but school, homework, eat, sleep. However, after starting this blog with the whole purpose of “making every day worth living” and “enjoying the 24/7,” I’ve finally start doing more of my hobbies during the weekdays too! When you’re trying to do personal passion projects (the PPP) on a weekday basis, meaning adding on to all the school work / work-work you already have, you must learn to be really efficient with your time (something I have yet to master 😋). I know for me — the thing that takes the longest when working on projects isn’t the actual ‘doing’ part of it, but more the planning and conjuring up a plan or idea. And it definitely doesn’t help when you’re having a creativity block too! 😬

Today, I want to share a really fun, easy, and inexpensive project to do that can help the inspiration flow whenever you’re having a creativity block. What I like to do is make a mood board to help me keep my focus on whatever project it is that I’m doing and to maintain my original vision since it often times sway and alter as I work on it. Mood boards can be used for individual projects and/or as a whole general inspiration board for an individual. I have (and am still working on) a general inspiration mood board over my desk and just finished a mood board for a recent room design project.

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My mood board for my recent project: Dream Bedroom. Here, I included paint chips, cute textiles, and ideal furniture picks from catalogs to create a visual for my room plan.

Here’s how to make your own mood board:

  1. Gather old magazines you’re willing to cut up! (Magazines that are more related to your favorite hobbies, activities, or project are even better! Ex: travel, fashion, home decor)
  2. Cut out anything that you like that has to do with your project or just inspires you.
  3. Feel free to also use paint chips (can be found at Lowes or Home Depot) to establish a color scheme! Handwritten notes or quotes you like are great inspiration-boosters too!
  4. Arrange them on a board (can be a large piece of construction paper or a bulletin board or a piece of cardboard – anything you desire! You can directly put it on a wall over your desk or something but I personally don’t recommend that as it’s not so convenient when you want to move it around.)
  5. Glue / tape them into place and boom – you’re done!

Honestly, how cool is that? You get instant inspiration and it’s a fantastic way to upcycle! And the best part is – you can always continue adding on more pieces that inspire you whenever you see them. You can even add your own pictures!

My mood board is never complete! Whenever I go somewhere new, I always keep my eye out for little fragments of inspiration here and there through menus, brochures, catalogs, etc.! This past week was my Spring Break (finally!) and I was able to go to several different cultural attractions. I’m definitely getting inspired by the great diversity of culture we have here in the U.S. and am trying to play it into my upcoming jewelry designs somehow! (I’ll keep you updated on that another week) 😉

SO a lot of pictures and lil pics are definitely going on there soon! 😀

ALSO – I found a really helpful site,  that offers awesome tips and hacks to keep in mind when creating your own mood board so give that a look if you’re interested in the project! 🙂

Anyways, have fun with your mood board and talk to you next time. Have a lovely and productive rest-of-the-day!


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What’s On Your Bucket List?

Good evening friends,

Just recently, my parents surprised me by ordering me a brand new yellow Huffy bike and I am genuinely so excited! As ashamed as I am to admit this, I have never learned how to ride a bike throughout my lengthy 15 years on this planet! My short-lived tricycling-and-about-to-be-bicycling career only lasted from around 2008 to 2011, as I never got on a bike after that (for no known reason to this day). And even throughout those years, I barely rode a bike as it was. Most of my cousins and friends are able to ride a bike and I’ve always envied that. How amazing it must feel to just pedal forward with no care for the world while having a nice, cool breeze blow through your hair amidst this. “There’s some sense of freedom to the activity,” one of my cousins comments. I know I can start learning how to drive pretty soon and that should top biking any day according to several folks, but biking has always been a priority over the overrated driving for me.

Starting it young and fresh in the game. Check out how trendy my plastic ride was.

Word goes around that it is more difficult to learn to ride a bike when you’re older as you think about it more. While when you’re younger, you just do it. You may fall and get a lil’ boo-boo, but after that, you’re all set and good. So many times, I wanted to quit, thinking ‘ah, I’ll never learn how to ride this thing.’ But people have also said once you learn how to ride a bike, you’ll never forget it.

SO I decided, ‘Let’s just get hurt once and get it over with! C’mon Elyssa! You can do it!’ I took this new challenge on me to learn how to balance on this machinery over the past weekend. Did I succeed? Heck no. Mostly because I was too scared of all the possibilities of falling down that I probably spent 40 minutes out of the hour just getting on and off and on and off the bike.

Ah, moving on to a real tricycle. My face evidently displays that sense of freedom I mentioned earlier.

But I plan on successfully riding a bike all on my own within this week or at most by spring break. No one’s really forcing me to do it – but I just feel that if I can get on this bike and ride it, even for just 2 minutes (by myself and without my dad walking beside me), I will make little-me super proud. I will achieve my ultimate 8-year old dream. That, and learning how to juggle and dive but one at a time, Elyssa. Slow your roll – (Which I do too much of on a bike…)

Anyway, after telling you my shameful little secret and concluding that I still can’t ride a bike as of now, you may be wondering, what was the point of this post? Well, I just want to encourage you…

Go do something you’ve always wanted to do, no matter how old you were when that lil’ dream was born. You’ll make your younger self super uber proud. (I know 8-year old me’s probably going like “Wow! Who’s that super cool girl falling off the bike??”)

Would you look at that? The last recorded data of me on a bike (or tricycle technically).

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to do that Hoedown Throwdown from the Hannah Montana movie.. or learn how to juggle a soccer ball with your knees.. or play the guitar (which by the way, was also another one of my ultimate dreams from back in 2nd grade and in which I learned how to play just the past summer!!!)

Do it. If not now, then when? I know life gets in the way, with homework, work in general, house chores, so many to-do’s.. but we’ve only got one life. And my plan is to do as much things that I possibly can do as I can! Plus, a few spared minutes couldn’t hurt, right?

Speaking of which, I got to go work on my science project now, because like I said earlier, “if not now, then when?”

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Me cheesin’ on my new bike yesterday. (Notice how my feet are placed cautiously on the ground as I’m too scared to place my steady and balanced state in the hands of two wheels.)

Goodbye! Feel free to leave a comment below about your goals – and keep me updated!

P.s. I’ll keep you updated on my biking process! 😉 Hopefully, the next time I post, you’ll be reading words directly from a bicycling-blogger. Woohoo!

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Indoors Glamping Experience

screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-9-59-31-pmGood evening friends, ✨

This weekend’s been filled with rain where I live so we couldn’t go outdoors a lot. And even when we do, let’s just say we come back with soaked pants sticking onto our skin. Not that great a feeling. Anyway, I had my cousins over this weekend though, and we managed to have a fantastic  day nonetheless… going Indoors Glamping! (Get it – like camping, but glamorous??)

I’ve actually seen this activity online, like Pinterest and YouTube and stuff, quite a few times and have been meaning to try it out. I finally got the chance to do so this weekend! From our trial, I’ve learned that it was a little more difficult than it looked due to not having a ceiling hook, haha! 😬

The whole setting up took us around 2 hours or more since we had to try several different methods to keep it from collapsing. (Collapse / failure count: 4!!)  We tried various methods that involved waaayyy too much twine and disappointment and that are waaaayy too complicated to even try to explain. Sigh.

But hey, if you’re willing to puncture a small hole in your ceiling, this should come along much smoother.

Despite the few bumps along the road, this was totally fabulous and I definitely recommend this for those lazy Sundays. 😉 We ended up with a stable “tent” (for a few hours only haha!) and decorated it with lights, streamers and loads of fluffy pillows and stuffed animals. Then, we spent our day reading, playing games such as puzzles and Cadoo, and simply enjoying each other’s company.

I’d give this experience rating an honest: ★★★ (simply because those two hours really wasted our time, haha!)

I truly do recommend it nonetheless! To make your own “tent,” grab some bed sheets (patterned or colorful preferred for an enhanced magical time!) and work with the situation going on in your room. (I honestly don’t know how I can tell you the exact steps to making this since even I tried different methods.) But the end result should be the sheets hanging above you in a tent-like, teepee-like kinda shape. Decorate however to your loving. You can basically do anything in it; puzzles, read, coloring books, eat, boardgames, movies on your tablet… [✬✬ Challenge!: Try staying offline to enhance the “camping” feel. Take a break from your social medias. It can wait. Plus, this is a great time to get back to those old-fashioned activities!] If you’re those not-easily-convinced people, you’re probably wondering, why waste the time and hassle to build a bed-sheet tent when we can just do all this WITHOUT a tent??

You got a point there.

But like my dad always says, “it’s the feeling” that makes the difference. So if you’ve got absolutely nothing to do that weekend, you can suddenly change that boring “wasted day”to “fun fun fun” in your planner! Hehe.

I’ve changed your mind now, haven’t I? 😉

Anyways, I wish you an extraordinary rest-of-the-night and hopefully maybe, this helped clear one of your “no-plans” days?

Elyssa ✨



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Get In Touch With Your Inner Kid


Hey everyone!

How is your Thanksgiving weekend going?

Over my Thanksgiving, my little cousin buddies came over for a party and one strange incident really took me by surprise and open my eyes a little bit. While I was sitting in my bedroom, minding my own business, my little cousin of 4 years old decided to go around redecorating my room. To be honest, I was a little irritated because she just messed up my new holiday decorations, but decided to shrug it off because I can just put it back the way it was later.

However, when she was finished, I was quite in shock and strangely impressed! She had put the white flowers in a gift box instead of the usual vase and poured the pink and white confetti (meant to be inside the gift box) into the cone-shaped IKEA vase. Then she added two bracelets from my bracelet rack onto the vase. (This is a little difficult to explain since none of you know how my room and what’s in it looks like but you get the gist.) She had done everything a little differently.. but a good different.

Now, obviously I did have to run it over and add or take away some items here and there like making sure the bracelet combo corresponded… but the idea. The whole idea was totally different and yet so simple, something I would’ve never thought of.

The thing about kids is, they don’t know the “rules” to what’s beauty and what’s not yet. They don’t know what’s labeled as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ so their creativity isn’t confined to a limit. I know for sure, for me, as much as I like to say I’m creative or imaginative, my artistry is definitely somewhat restricted. I could never sit down with a blank piece of paper and go absolutely crazy with it. Even if I try (which I did once as a matter of fact), something in my brain always goes ‘whoop, if you added glitter in the right corner, you gotta add glitter in the left Elyssa…’ Because I’m older. Because as much as I try not to follow the rules when it comes to art, some things that society has approved or disapproved of have already been soaked into my system.

But because she is still so innocent and young, these “rules” don’t apply to her creativity. Flowers can go in a box if she wants it to. A striped table mat can be underneath a bright polka-dot bowl if she wants it to. Colors can clash. And all these strange elements are definitely new and fresh and I love it!

So I want to encourage… if you have some free time over the weekend,

Get some pom-poms, glitter, sequins, foam stickers, markers, and crayons out! And get your hands a little messy!

Some fun activities to do are:

  • make a bookmark
  • decorate a frame
  • make a poster
  • decorate a vase
  • get any old item lying around the house and try to vamp it up!

These projects, though seemingly tacky and quite simple, actually works as a great de-stressor and can help you think outside the box a little bit! Try your best to get your inner kid out and mix those clashing oranges and greens … just because you feel like it.

Elyssa xx

P.s. I kept her new room makeover for me! 😉